Residential snow removal in Scarborough and surrounding areas in Toronto.


Managed Service

All our snow removal service routes are managed before, during and after each snowfall.


Cancel anytime

You're not locked into a snow removal contract for the entire season.


Pay as you go

Make your payments monthly or pay for the season upfront for a discount.


12/hr Response

We are committed to having your snow cleared within 12 hours after the end of a snowfall.


24/7 Service

When the snow falls we are always ready to clear your residential property.


5cm or more

As long as you remain our customer your snow will be cleared when it snows 5cm or more.

Residential snow removal services in Scarborough and surrounding areas

  • Toronto
  • Scarborough
  • East York
  • North York
  • Pickering
  • York

Pay per visit snow removal service.

Can't shovel?

Don't want to shovel?

Heavy snowfall?

We offer one time pay per visit snow removal in Scarborough and surrounding areas.

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We accept master card, visa and e-transfers.

Yes, this is an optional service you can add to your snow clearing service. We deliver bags of salt to your property and spread it after your snow is cleared. You can also use the salt between snowfalls when you deem necessary.

Payments are simple. If you are paying by credit card we automatically charge your card. If you are paying by etransfer we will send you an invoice giving you 15 days to pay. We bill 5 different times during the season. The first payment is a deposit and due when you sign up. The 4 remaining payments are Nov 15th, Dec 15th, Jan 15th and Feb 15th. The deposit will serve as your final payment in March and is not refundable.

Yes, if you require snow clearing at more than one property we may give you a discount. You can use our contact form to send the address's and we will get back to you with a custom quote. An example would be if you needed residential snow removal in Scarborough and you have 2 properties in Scarborough that are within 1km of each other.

You can use our contact form and send us your address so we can give you a more personalized quote.

We started residential snow removal in Scarborough back in 2013. That is long enough to experience the ups and downs and have seen it all, clearing snow is the easy part. If you have had snow shovelling services for a number of years you may know finding reliable, honest contractors that are accountable can be difficult. Every winter brings its challenges when the snow flies. Equipment break downs, heavy daytime snowfalls in the middle of rush hour, snowfalls that last 24 hours and heavy snowfalls that end only to be immediately followed by another heavy snowfall. These are the real challenges for any snow removal company. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs or the weekend warriors. We have a small team of vetted snow removal service providers we have determined to be reliable, honest and accountable. We manage our service providers before, during and after each snowfall. We track where they are in their routes, keep in touch with them when problems arise and offer support. When problems do arise we have fall back providers that can step up and help with the work. We also act as a middle man for payment. We receive your payment upfront for each month and we pay the service providers as they perform services. If there is a short fall in the performance of your service we hold payment until we have investigated the issue and have spoken to our customer and the service provider. Because service providers are not directly employed by Snowmow our investigation is unbiased. We look at customer service from 2 angles, our customers angle and our service providers angle and come to the most reasonable solution for everyone involved. We also track feedback from our customers to ensure we are working with only the most reliable, honest and accountable snow removal service providers. This is our definition of a “pro”.

We aim to have your snow cleared within 12 hours after the end of a snowfall of 5cm or more. The timing of a snowfall plays a key factor in arrival time but more often than not, snowfalls occur in a manor that allows snow shovelling services to be completed over night and before sunrise. Working through the night is the optimal time for both customer and snow removal service provider. Snow does not fall based on time though, we wish it did but it doesn't. Early morning, long lasting and snow falls right after another all become a factor in the timing of service. We stick by our 12 hour service timing and when things get tough we do all we can to meet that timing. To us a guarantee is not to be taken lightly and to guarantee your snow will be cleared within the time frame, every single time, would not be realistic. In a perfect world we could guarantee the timing but instead we are upfront and dedicated to a 12 hour response time.

whatever it takes to get the job done. Our focus is on the service you receive, not the tool the service provider is using. Service providers determine which tool they use to perform service. Snow shovelling service has the advantage of no equipment breaking down. Our expectation is that they be reliable, honest, accountable and communicate with us during snow events. That is what makes a pro a pro.

We monitor snow events as they are being report before they come into the area. Based on those reports and our experience, if 5cm or more is expected, we notify every service provider so they are ready to work. As the snow falls we are still monitoring to gauge accumulation. A few hours before the end of the snowfall is usually when we determine if service will be provided or not. In any case we always refer to the data from the closest weather station to your property.

What makes us different from many other 3rd party service provider business models is our focus is on customer service. That is our primary role, to ensure our customers receive the service they are paying for and that it is performed within the scope of work. For this reason we do not "pawn" of customers service issues to field workers. We are your point of contact and we contact service providers directly on the phone to work through any issues.

We would hate to see you go but we make it easy for you to cancel. You just need to send us an email. We will provide service for the remainder of the current payment cycle and the payment already received for the current cycle is not refundable.